Friday, March 27, 2009

María Isabel Escobar

Divine, beautiful, pretty woman. ..Mamacita, that is the paisa woman ! Our Bella of the Week is María Isabel Escobar beautiful Colombian model from Medellín that last week visited us to join the runway show of Bésame Lingerie. María Isabel showed in our photo session professionalism, sensuality, and above all,a joy to live that infects us in each photo. A friend upon seeing María on the runway described her stare in the more eloquent way "I'll drown in those eyes", and in fact is that her deep eyes as turquoises will make you fall in love.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mariana and Camila Davalos

Do we have a treat for our faithful fans, well yes, a double treat, fabulous, hot sizzling twins. Mariana and Camila Davalos are our Bellas of the Week. This gorgeous Colombian twins are visiting us promoting Besame Lingerie. Such beauty of this Colombian models is so hard to find that we decided to publish three galleries as a recognition to you, our subscribers. Each of the Davalos twins will have an individual gallery and also a shared one. So, there you have it, three spectacular photo sessions in one week. We are still astonished of the charm and beauty of these lingerie models. This is the first time the Davalos twins make a runway show out of Colombia. They're the image of the Besame Lingerie Catalog where they will show skimpy little outfits like the ones portrayed in our galleries.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cindy Cascante

The Aquarius woman is smart, independent, somewhat rebellious and a true original. Our Bella of the Week, Cindy Cascante is a true Aquarian. Cindy's a beautiful independent girl that is giving her first steps in modeling. Lucky us, we are privileged to witness and share Cindy's first photo shoot ever. Unpredictable, original, uninhibited, intelligent, and resourceful the Aquarius woman is the dream of any man who wants an exciting relationship. The Aquarius woman has beautiful eyes, like nobody else’s. Regardless of their color, they have something special, their light comes from the heart.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carla Alvarado

She's back and she's even sexier. Our Bella of the Week, Carla Alvarado's first session was so stunning that we had to do a second one in an original location. Our friends in Stylos, an antique furniture and decoration company, lend us this beautiful location to portray sensuous Carla. Amongst the beauty of antique asian chests and crafts, Carla's sultry glances and chiseled body doll up the shop. In a cocktail dress or just steamy lingerie, Carla's session was a success of flirtatious images.

Karina Aguilar

Overlooking Jacó Bay, our golden Bella of the Week, Karina Aguilar shows her temple of a body. Karina, takes good care of her well toned body working out religiously to maintain an impeccable but very sexy physique. Well trimmed abs, gorgeous legs and green eyes to die for, embellish this Law degree major that loves the beach and the stunning sunsets of Costa Rica. The folks at Mango Mar Hotel at Jacó Beach kindly let us use their beautiful facilities to adorn Karina's photo session.

Catherine Fuenmayor

The Absolute Winner of the Reef Open 2009 is: Catherine Fuenmayor! A stunning babe from Venezuela is our Bella of the Week. Last December Catherine visited us at Jaco Beach at our photo shoot for Reef. Came in last to our session and came out first at the bikini contest. No doubt her endless well toned legs are part of her outstanding beauty, but also her silky hair, and those pouty lips just makes you...Smile guys! You're in the presence of royalty when this beach queen walks by. Surfing enthusiast, Catherine likes to work out her perfectly round smooth well formed behind. That juicy part of her anatomy got her Reef Open first place, well, come on in, look for yourselves. We just needed a couple of thong bikinis and a look at her piercing beautiful eyes to fall in love with her.

Carla Alvarado

Like a breeze of fresh air, Carla Alvarado came to our studio for a casting session,and, these beautiful images came through. Carla earned our Bella of the Week spot because of her sweet looks and killer body. Since these shots came out so good we couldn't wait until her definite session to share this beautiful brunette with all of our friends. Carla has been working in El Salvador and Mexico doing promos for different brands but she decided to return home and pursue her modeling career in Costa Rica. Soon, we are going to have more of this beautiful vixen in a sultry lingerie shoot.

Yadriela Zuniga

Yadriela Zuniga our second Reef Girl is native to Guanacaste, Costa Rica, a sun bathed country site. Yadriela has been modeling for Reef in the last two years and was elected first place in 2007 on the Costa Rica Reef pageant and second place in the Panama Reef pageant 2008. Our Bella of the Week is on her final year of Public Relations degree. Who wouldn't love to have such a sweet and tanned PR representing their business. From sun kissed sessions in Jaco to sensuous lingerie runway shows Yadri, as her friends call her, steals the hearts and dreams of men all over with her voluptuous perfect tight little body.

Gilmara Jung

Gilmara Jung, our first Bella from Reef International Open 2009 is native to Porto Alegre, Brazil. Gil, as her friends call her is a photography enthusiast, and likes to be pictured in tiny bikinis and sexy lingerie, and even sometimes with less than that. Gil comes a long way with her sweet smile and always ready to strike a sexy pose for the camera. We met Gil during the Reef Open last December in Jaco, Costa Rica, where she earned the third place in the bikini contest. Gilmara Jung showed us her perfect curvy tanned body leaving no doubt why brazilian garotas are so hot. Gil taught us a few portuguese words: Na Punda! And she showed us her best side of Na Punda,and that's for you to find out in her sexy photo shoot.

Karen Herrera

Eye candy! Of course! Our Bella Karen Herrera it's just like a luscious little piece of eye candy! This petite yet spectacular girl has been modeling for some time in the Central America region, in El Salvador, Guatemala and of course in her home town Costa Rica. We had to wait to photograph Karen for a few months while her duties overseas finished. We're very lucky to have her back showing her hot little body. The curvaceous figure has often been portrayed as the hallmark of a real woman. The Latin beauty standard also favors a curvaceous figure. People throughout the world imbue the Latin culture with a natural sensuality. And Karen Herrera is a perfect example of a sensous, curvaceous, latin beauty.

Patricia Tobon

Our second import to Bellas galleries is this Colombian bombshell, Patricia Tobon. Lingerie model for Ditaires Company, Patry visited us last year to embellish a skimpy, sultry lingerie runway show. We had the chance to have her for ourselves in a candid photo shoot at Le Chateau in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Vanessa Pelaez

Our first import, from Colombia, the fabulous Vanessa Pelaez. Vanessa visited Costa Rica for a runway show for Ditaires Lingerie Company. Amazingly beautiful, Vanessa is dream come true for any photographer; she can be naive in one shot and extremely hot on the next. This colombian beauty besides modeling does some TV hosting while attending college. We hope Vane visits us sometime soon so we can shoot some more with this top of the line professional model.

Mariela Morales

Mariela Morales is the epitome of latin beauty. Tanned skin, silky black hair caressing a curvaceous body, Mariela's got everything. The latin hot blooded girls like Mariela love the sun and sexy outfits to show what a well trained body looks like.The camera loves this runway hottie on every frame.

Maria Fernanda Jimenez

In BellaPod we are proud to present our sweetheart Maria Fernanda Jimenez...curvy, tender, sweet, sexy, that's a few things to describe Maria Fernanda. Lovely and sensous, this Costa Rican bombshell parts her time between her architechture major and modeling swimsuits and lingerie. This karaoke fan trains her luscious body at the gym religiously.

Marianela Valverde

Psychology major Marianela Valverde takes time to model for us in sexy bikinis and sultry lingerie at our hotel suite at Herradura Beach in sunny Costa Rica. Marianela has been portrayed in skimpy outfits in the leading magazines and modeling websites in Central America.

Iby Perera

Former Miss Costa Rica pageant contestant Iby Perera joins the BP Bellas with her long legs and piercing blue eyes leaving you breathless wearing sexy lingerie in our loft in San Jose, Costa Rica. Like the song says; she's got a look that kills, Iby's deep and sexy eyes makes you fall for her.