Saturday, April 4, 2009

Candy Guerrero

Our Bella of the Week, is petite Candy Guerrero, but don’t be fooled by her size because she is a handful of beauty; sexy and strong.
Candy, is a typical Libra girl.By nature, these refined, gentle, kindhearted women are fond of entertainment and social activities. This Venus-ruled beauty is beautifully groomed, and smells as good as she looks, for she never leaves the house without a light spray of something intoxicating. Her figure is usually curvy, svelte and feminine, so you don't even stand a chance of resisting her. The most memorable quality about your Libra lover is her quintessential grace; in every movement she makes, every word she utters, she is poetry in motion.
Candy, loves to go to the gym and work out her luscious, curvy, petite little body. She has been modeling for quite some time, doing lingerie runway shows and photo shoots. Candy likes to dance on her leisure time; no wonder she has this little tight body so immaculate.

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